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Children in IT


At Khalsa Engineering Academy, Reception pupils will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. In Reception children’s learning is based on their own interests and projects developed around these. Key themes in the Early Learning Goals are addressed in provision areas and focus activities throughout the year depending on the project. In addition to this all pupils in Reception will be taught a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) as part of their curriculum allocation.


International Primary Curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed to provide a strong international dimension to all areas of learning. It has been thoughtfully developed to enable our children to acquire a deep understanding and appreciation of their personal identities and how they fit into the world today. Global challenges are frequently focused on with opportunities to explore collaborative solutions with children in other parts of the world forming the basis of many topics.


Engineering Specialism

We place a strong emphasis on engineering by applying an investigative approach to all areas of the curriculum. We place STEM challenges at the heart of our topic structure and work closely with external professionals to make sure that our pupils receive frequent support from professional industry specialists.


Inspiring Learning

We can’t expect any child to enjoy learning if it isn’t fun. For this reason we plan our lessons carefully to make sure that both the content and the resources are engaging and inspiring. Our teachers are encouraged to respond quickly to the interests of the children making sure that lessons follow the enthusiasm of those who matter the most – the children.


Focus on Reading

We believe that the key to enabling children to progress quickly is to make sure that they are taught to read properly. We use the Read, Write, Inc. synthetic phonics scheme to make sure that all our pupils develop a clear understanding of the basics. To further support their development we use a variety of reading schemes published by Oxford University Press.


Personalised Learning

We work hard to understand each child as an individual. Where a child needs additional stimulation, or a stronger academic challenge, we develop tasks that are appropriate to their level of learning. Where a child develops an affinity for a particular learning methodology – through the use of ICT for example – we support and facilitate this approach. Every child has a personal learning plan, which is carefully tailored to their individual needs and abilities this ensures that all our pupils are sufficiently challenged including the high attainers.


Learning Outside the Classroom

Fun is the foundation for a love of learning. At KEA we view the world around us as our classroom and have designed our school and curriculum to maximise the use of our outdoor spaces. To supplement this our pupils benefit from a range of well-planned educational visits to enhance their learning across the curriculum. Residential trips are organised for older pupils to help build independence and a nurture an appreciation of the outdoors


EYFS Curriculum and Topics

KEA will shortly be recruiting to a number of key teaching and leadership posts for our school who will develop an exciting and engaging curriculum based around the Trust vision and our first intake of children.


Inspiring futures